My secret to battling the cold autumn and winter seasons…

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HERE IT IS! AHC ‘s Hydra B5 Soother – Like I said a few weeks ago…i have blogged about this long ago.  But I love it so much.  I usually don’t use this during the hot summer months because I find my skin is moist enough.  But as soon as autumn hits, I take out my serum and use it:

  • morning:  I wake up, wash my face, put the serum on, put my face moisturizer on …then put my makeup primer on and begin my makeup routine
  • evening:  remove makeup, wash face, (scrub/toner), serum and wait til fully absorbed (takes less than a minute) and then do my face mask or sleeping mask!

Sad thing is – I only know it is available at ColorMix in Hong Kong.  And somehow, my sister in law managed to find it online at some chinese site.  I did see it on amazon before… but lucky you my fellow Singaporean readers – you can find it in Singapore now!

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Go to and get smoother skin today.  YES LA – i know weather is always super hot.  BUT….  those crazy Air Con in the malls and offices also can affect your skin you know.  And don’t worry – this serum absorbs and balances your skin’s PH so you won’t break out and get clogged pores.

Wow – look at this test on the product….

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Before application of Hydra B5, rating 32 for extremely dry & rough skin increases to 49! Skin stays moist and protected for prolong period of time.

Anyways, my face really does feel intact, smooth, and baby soft after using this.  It’s a very concentrated liquid so you only need 1-2 drops for your whole face at one time.  I need to stock up everytime I get a chance to find someone coming from Hong Kong. hahaha.  so sad 😦  but now I can get my relatives to help me buy in Singapore. SOOOooooOOOO happy 🙂  ACTUALLY….NOW I DON’T!!!  BECAUSE………..

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**UPDATE**  The Beauty Mask Shop ships to fellow Canadians !!!!  WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!  Wait no more my fellow maple leafers-  find this lovely product at