. Com Pop Hair Salon (Aberdeen Square, Richmond) Review


.Com Pop Hair Salon
(604) 285-6855
4000 No. 3 Rd, #3350/
Richmond, British Columbia V6X 0J8

One of my girlfriends wanted to digital perm her hair, and I wanted to dye my hair to something more new and fresh so we decided to check out her friend’s new hair salon!  The manager Peter there is AWESOME, patient, and funny.

photo 5


My hair is every hair stylist nightmare…

  • thick
  • long
  • super long
  • too long
  • and colored many, many, infinity times…


photo 1

after bleaching it several times, it finally got blonde.

photo 2

Peter did a recolor on the top half of my head of a slight ash brown- which looks more orange in this picture…  look at next few posts and hopefully the color/lighting will be better. 😛

photo 3

Then the bottom half, a nice summer blonde with a high ombre so when it grows out, it will look like i did it on purpose.

photo 4


LOVE IT!  I feel so mod with a new and bold color without looking too crazy or out there.

While I was sitting there for FOUR HOURS (poor peter…), I noticed the other staff were really, really nice and gave lots of options and thoughtful insights on their techniques and why they are doing what they are doing for their hair.  Such a refreshing change from the quiet japanese/korean hair salons!  I will be back for more color changes in the future and probably try a real hair cut next time there 🙂  (just got a trim and layers this time)

Hair style of the weekend!





1. Tie a pony tail – high or low.



2.  Divide pony tail into two and and make two braids.


Two braids!


3.  Twist one braid counterclock wise – and bobby pin it to stay


4.  Twist other braid clockwise -and bobby pin it to stay



Frizzy?  Hairs sticking out?



Kinda looks cool with the end sticking out like that.




Or if not – then pin it in or hairspray it down!

This look was inspired by a recent Sephora video I saw  – but I didn’t have any texturing products on hand, so tried it without any product but finishing hairspray!  Pretty easy! 😀

Sexy Girl Fragrance Hair Treatment Review

photo 3 photo 4

Decided to buy this the other day at T&T to test out as I have seen it in Taiwan!

This hair treatment contains 4 key elements to create a beautiful hair –

1. Pearl Protein
2. Silk Protein to provide moisture and repair the damaged hair
3. Royal Jelly
4. Honey

I can’t believe I never ever posted an actual individual post of my usual hair masque “Essentials Ultra Honey Shea Butter”  (will have to make a note to do one in the future).  Anyways – I say this because if I had to compare the two, I much rather go with “Essentials”.  Although Sexy Girl does have a killer smell that I cannot get enough of, I don’t find it as concentrated and strong as Essentials.

I was looking up reviews and alot of girls seemed to have said to leave on the treatment for 10-15 mins?  It worked for me more like a light conditioner.  But nowadays, I think most girls need something STRONG since we usually torch our hair quite often right?  😉

I’ll be finishing this bottle, but probably not going to buy it again.  Too weak for my hair!  (but seriously, maybe you should buy it just to smell it. Has a floral rose smell….mmmmm).

Oh.  I just noticed…it says “fragrance treatment”.  LOL  maybe…it’s only meant to make your hair smell nice and not focus so much on moisture?!  Weird!!


Mr. Hair Product Reviews


May I present to you this super cute hair product line…

MR. HAIR !!!  

photo 4

photo 1

This shampoo is pretty good!  You know how sometimes you wash your hair…and it feels so clean because your scalp feels DRY?!  It’s actually not suppose to be that way.  Even after washing with shampoo, your scalp should just feel clean, and not stripped away of all oil, and moisture!

It does take a while to make enough foam and bubbles to form before washing out the shampoo…that’s the only down side.  But my hair feels really clean and comfy after !~

photo 2


This conditioner is TERRIBLE.  It didn’t do anything for my hair.  I couldn’t even tell it was a conditioner.  So I never used it again.

photo 3

VOILA – So… I hear there are lots of scalp treatments in Asia and i’m starting to see it being offered at Japanese Salons in Vancouver.  Having a healthy and clean scalp promotes better hair growth and stronger hair!  After using the shampoo, I used this scalp treatment and let is soak for 5-7 mins, then I washed it out.  I LOVED THE FEELING after drying my hair and could feel a huge difference.  My scalp felt….LIGHT?!  At first…I thought maybe this scalp cleaner has alcohol in it….but NOPE.  My scalp was not at all dry or flaky.  Okay…but yes…there is a DOWNSIDE.  It has a slight smell of vinegar.  It’s very faint…..but… still…  I most likely will have to find myself a new scalp cleaner.  Hahaha!

Final verdict?  Probably will not be purchasing this ever.  The shampoo is nice, but I prefer to wash my hair with something that smells nice.  I kinda found there was no smell in this shampoo.  And it really takes too long to build foam.  And yes – i already said the conditioner was terrible.  And the scalp cleaner was great – but vinegar smell is just unpleasant.  😉

I dyed my hair 17/Fiji (Dark Ash Blonde) by Superior Preference, LOREAL

Colour Riche Le Gloss

The beautiful Eva Longaria –


And the stunning Gwen Stefani ….


This is the box I used !  Really loved the color of this girls hair.  Although I think due to my asian hair – i should’ve gone for something like”light ash blonde” next time.  After I had last dyed by hair Feria Red – it faded into a semi orangy brown.  So I decided I would try something more brown.  And ta da!  I got it back to brown-brown, with no orange tone to it.  It’s not exactly ash – but will do the job for now I guess.  I plan to lighten it more and more as the weather gets better.

Also, I think this line “Superior Preference” is more suitable if your looking to make your hair color more accented.  Notice how Gwen Stefani and Eva Longaria – their hair color is pretty close to their original color?  I dunno – JUST a thought!  😉

So ta da – here are the results…. right after dying and drying it….it’s a bit frizzy cause I didn’t put any products yet 🙂

photo 1 photo 2

OMG.  looking at these pics – I wish I put something in my hair.  So frizzy…  but anyways…  you get the shade.  Without the bright lights …its more just on the brown side.  Not sure why it looks redish here…

And then…a few days after (below)- seems almost better after a few washes!


Hmm…till next time – I ‘m going to try probably the Feria line again, hope I can find a ash color thats lighter in their product line.  🙂 

Biosilk Silk Therapy – Hair Serum Review


Made in the USA!

photo 1

my hair after blowdry. yikes…look at all the flyaways, and frizzyness.

photo 2

This is all I use only!!  Rub over the palms of your hands and fingers and begin running your hands through your hair! (Especially at the ends)

photo 3

Huge difference. @@

photo 4

I really like the smell of Biosilk Therapy -it’s very subtle and soft smelling.  And this bottle will last you for a LONG LONG TIME.  You can buy a bottle for $30 on amazon, or go to Costco which will probably be slightly cheaper if they still have it.  I went to vegas a long time ago (5 years+?) and they were promoting this EVERYWHERE on their posterboards.  Just a warning, ONLY use a little at a time.  I remember the first time, I didn’t know how much to put and it made my hair SUPER DUPER oily and disgusting.  My suggestion would be to start with a pea size amount, spread in hands, spread through hair and repeat again until you think its good.  I only start midway through my hair as the top of my head gets oily fast.

CHI’s silk infusion is also really good – so I might switch back and forth between the two if I ever finish this bottle !

Taking care of your hair …


It’s important to use proper styling tools to take care of your hair!  Recently, my makeup artist friend asked me while doing a wedding makeup trial on me – “how is your hair so strong and healthy?!” …  yes…i often curl, blow -dry, dye, torture my hair…the trick is doing hair masques, and pre heat sprays.

photo 2

Once a month I like to use Japan’s Essential…

essentialI like to leave it in for 30 minutes and clip it up and watch a honger drama! I really love this Essential brand – too bad it’s not as cheap here in Vancouver compared to Taiwan.  Here is what their hair care line looks like :


Pink is for “light and bouncy hair” and the Yellow – Orange is for “smooth and manageable hair”. Both smell ridiculously amazing. You can buy this at T&T, big asian groceries, and Sasa.

Okay…and then we have my fav. heat spray – that is pretty darn cheap too!


Spray before torching your hair!  I like to wait for it to dry or absorb into my hair before curling.  Also I like to spray it into my wet hair and comb thru – then blow dry.  Just for that extra protection.

Oh …and I don’t like sticky products to hold my curls.  So I use this – so far one of the better hairsprays… not super cheap – but it lasts pretty long for me.

comb thru nexus

Nexxus Comb Thru finishing spray!  I like the smell too – it’s not too heavy, or flowery.  Actually if anything, there isn’t much smell la!

Okay…so there we go – my 3 most loved hair care/styling products.

Triple Barrel Curling Iron Review –

photo 4

photo 3

Site from where I purchased my pink iron 🙂


I know – I am crazy right?  Purchasing a ELECTRONIC device from a china ebay site.  I don’t recommend anyone ever doing that LOL and this is the one time I will do it.  (very thankful nothing blew up as I have heard many stories from people of the horrors).

I’m pretty happy with the iron – I think it was $15 bucks when I bought it and has gone up now.  SO FAST!  Anyways – I don’t find the iron goes super hot – 230 degrees is the most I think.  So your hair is going to lose the mermaid looking curls if you dont pack the hairspray in your head.  I don’t think I will use it super often as it does take quite a lot of time for me, my hair is long and thick.

Here’s a pic of right after using the barrel (didn’t do a good job at the ends of my hair – oops haha)-

photo 1

Here’s a pic of after a long day (I sprayed like half a can in my hair, and almost choked to death from it)


NOT BAD FOR $15 US DOLLARS! (and..it’s PINK!!!!  )

photo 2

I dyed my hair POWER RED (R57)by Feria, LOREAL

and I did it myself.  WOW.


(second to left box)

I have had my hair…brown, ash brown, dark brown, light brown, blonde streaks, etc.  but havent had this red hair ever.  Well, there was one time I tried and it turned orangey.  And then there was one time when I was 14 and my aunt, who is a professional hairdresser convinced me to put hideous thick bright tomato red highlights.

I dyed it with TWO boxes cause my hair is really long and thick on August 30/31.  Somewhere I read that the colors last 28 washes?  U usually wash my hair everyday, but thanks to the savoring of this color, I have tried to wash it every other day – which for me feels nasty.

It’s now almost two weeks and I can see it slowly start to fade and turn into a brown – still not bad I think as I’m still recieving compliments.

ImageThis picture was taken inside the car…so looks a bit darker.


Boo!  Did I scare you ?  Hahaha – had to first show a pic all glammed up before I pull this one out.  This was basically right after the first wash.

And lastly… this is after almost two weeks…


See what I mean about the faded red?  But still a bit red right?

My final verdict ?  I recommend it. It’s actually quite cheap too.  Bought it at shoppers on sale for $20 for the two boxes.  I have a fresh color and look that will last around a month.  I’m also quite surprised how much color showed as usually asian hair is harder to dye.  My previous hair color wasn’t very bright (sorry – too lazy to find pic) – just a brown medium tone.

Liese ‘s Juicy Shower for Hair!


Comb through and blow hair!

Don’t forget to smell it after – smells so pretty!

I often like to give it another spray at the end as a finishing touch 🙂

This product is pretty good.  I think the Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray is a bit better in terms of locking moisture when blow drying.  But definitely this product smells alot better.  I like using Juicy before I’m about to curl my hair with an iron though – it seems to hold moisture and keep the curls looking soft.  So yes…in conclusion:

Tresemme Heat Protectant – daily blow drying – smell is just okay for me.

Juicy (spray before curling) – curling, styling, straightening, etc. w/ KILLER SMELL 😀

PS.  You can find this at Sasa.com!  or any sasa stores, or asian beauty product stores 🙂