Healthy living to stay beautiful – inside and out!

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I recently participated in the Scotiabank Run for a Cure Fundraiser (5km) and it was my first time ever participating in such a thing.

Over the past few years, I decided to become more healthy. Health is something alot of people take for granted – WHICH you should really reconsider.  I have been doing zumba, walks, and sculpting classes 3 -4 days a week.  I drink lots of water everyday and make it a habit to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  OH! And something I have been doing alot is cooking at home more.  When you eat out, you just never know what goes into the food, and also how much oil is put in.

My dad recently recieved a liver transplant and my dearest best friend, Kaila, her father passed away from liver cancer so yes!  We decided to run for liver diseases.  It was a great day and I felt so empowered after completing the little 5 km.  LOL – i say little because there were people doing 21 k?!?!  Oh gosh.  It felt amazing to see so many people there supporting different causes and hopefully with all the money raised, some of those illnesses will find a cure and end such suffering 😦  Everyone was so happy and enthusiastic – LOVED IT!

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Looking forward to the next run!

. Com Pop Hair Salon (Aberdeen Square, Richmond) Review


.Com Pop Hair Salon
(604) 285-6855
4000 No. 3 Rd, #3350/
Richmond, British Columbia V6X 0J8

One of my girlfriends wanted to digital perm her hair, and I wanted to dye my hair to something more new and fresh so we decided to check out her friend’s new hair salon!  The manager Peter there is AWESOME, patient, and funny.

photo 5


My hair is every hair stylist nightmare…

  • thick
  • long
  • super long
  • too long
  • and colored many, many, infinity times…


photo 1

after bleaching it several times, it finally got blonde.

photo 2

Peter did a recolor on the top half of my head of a slight ash brown- which looks more orange in this picture…  look at next few posts and hopefully the color/lighting will be better. 😛

photo 3

Then the bottom half, a nice summer blonde with a high ombre so when it grows out, it will look like i did it on purpose.

photo 4


LOVE IT!  I feel so mod with a new and bold color without looking too crazy or out there.

While I was sitting there for FOUR HOURS (poor peter…), I noticed the other staff were really, really nice and gave lots of options and thoughtful insights on their techniques and why they are doing what they are doing for their hair.  Such a refreshing change from the quiet japanese/korean hair salons!  I will be back for more color changes in the future and probably try a real hair cut next time there 🙂  (just got a trim and layers this time)

Etude House’s Pomegranate Mask Review





“This mask sheet contains pomegranate extract (Punica Granatum fruit Extract) full of Estrogen and various minerals, providing smoothing and firming care to dull and lifeless skin.”


  1. Apply toner to skin after cleansing
  2. Remove mask from pouch and apply to face, placing mask to fit eye and lip area
  3. Remove mask after 15 – 20 minutes and lightly massage remaining solution into skin with hands.

My thoughts?
If you have read my blog, you will know I am a big fan of Etude House.  I love their packaging and how cute and pretty their products always look.  When opening the packet, it wasn’t as drenched with goodness compared to other masks.  After removing the mask, my face is VERY MOIST.  But…not soft. It’s like…kinda sticky…..which yes, I know will go away when I go to sleep and wake up the next morning.  Ew…i don’t like the feeling.  Hoping the other masks will not be the same as the pomegranate one!  Woke up with no more sticky face, but hydrated and soft skin.   For me – not worth sleeping with sticky skin when there are other masks that don’t have this effect!


Stay tuned for MORE reviews 🙂

Tony Moly ‘s Panda’s Dream Eye Patch Review





  • 2 sheets in one package
  • The under eye patch is designed to vitalize the skin around eyes that appear dark and dull due to various elements.
  • Tear open and apply to the eyes area, Leave on for 10 ~ 20 minutes and the remove.







As cute as the packaging and eye patches are….  I used this product several times and honestly do not see or feel a difference 😦  Besides the fact that my eyes feel rested and refreshed….that’s it!

I would like to think my eye circles as black as most people  – so maybe that could be a factor too! LOL.

But there you have it folks! 😛


Stay tuned for more mask reviews 🙂

Tony Moly: Floria Nutra – Energy Mask Sheet With Argan Oil Review



Tony Moly’s  Floria Nutra – Energy Mask Sheet With Argan Oil

I was trying to find some “official” description and method of using, but…I couldn’t find this on the web.  Strange!

Also, just to note, I have been getting tons of this mask as a sample gift for purchasing stuff at Tony Moly, so no idea how much it costs.

The mask is pretty good.  The sheet fit around my face perfectly, and I left it on for 20 minutes.  Usually, I do put it longer but decided to take it off a bit earlier as I was dead tired and ready for bed.  The mask was soaked in tons of serum and goodies and was totally dripping down my neck.  After removal, there was still a thin layer of goo.  My face also seemed “lighter” in color and “firmer”, which lasted for about the next morning and thats it.  Went to sleep and woke up with nice soft skin.

Not sure if I would purposely purchase this mask, as I still think My Diary Masks seem to do more justice for me.




Stay tune for more mask reviews 🙂

DUP’s Eyelashes Fixer Ex Review – A quick fixer upper for false lashes about to come off!

photo 1

Don’t you just hate it when the ends of your false lashes are coming off ?  And you really do not want to take off the whole thing and re -glue it?  Especially when you are out in public and no where close to going home?  Here is a quick solution !  Thank you DUP for making the “Eyelashes Fixer Ex” !



Thin tip for easy application to those darn ends that come off !




You can also get this in regular white


And also in clear!


photo 2


You can buy this easily on Amazon (click)

I personally don’t recommend this for a regular glue because it is quite strong for my eyes.  I just like to use it occasionally to save me from having people looking at me funny – LOL  (“mommy – why is that girls eyelashes coming off??!!” )

For my favorite eyelash glue – read my old post on KOJI Fix Eyelash Glue

PS.  This product is made in Japan