Healthy living to stay beautiful – inside and out!

photo 1

I recently participated in the Scotiabank Run for a Cure Fundraiser (5km) and it was my first time ever participating in such a thing.

Over the past few years, I decided to become more healthy. Health is something alot of people take for granted – WHICH you should really reconsider.  I have been doing zumba, walks, and sculpting classes 3 -4 days a week.  I drink lots of water everyday and make it a habit to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  OH! And something I have been doing alot is cooking at home more.  When you eat out, you just never know what goes into the food, and also how much oil is put in.

My dad recently recieved a liver transplant and my dearest best friend, Kaila, her father passed away from liver cancer so yes!  We decided to run for liver diseases.  It was a great day and I felt so empowered after completing the little 5 km.  LOL – i say little because there were people doing 21 k?!?!  Oh gosh.  It felt amazing to see so many people there supporting different causes and hopefully with all the money raised, some of those illnesses will find a cure and end such suffering 😦  Everyone was so happy and enthusiastic – LOVED IT!

photo 2


Looking forward to the next run!

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