Marutama Ra-men (Downtown Vancouver)…YAY!

Marutama Ra-men on Urbanspoon

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DELICIOUS.  I don’t eat pork almost ever…just because of personal choice.  Yes…i don’t even eat shui mai.  And hardly ever eat pork dumplings 😦  I think it’s just the idea of a pig that I can thrown off with.  But yes…sometimes, my family are like WTF – you are asian!!!  But okay…enough with this blah blah blah pork stuff.  The reason why I bring up pork is because Ramen is just so delicious, but always made with pork. booooooo… yes, sometimes, I go to ramen restaurants and eat just the noodle and soup (soup with pork broth is okay)…but no pork slices for me la!~

I WAS SO THRILLED THAT THIS PLACE IS FAMOUS FOR THEIR CHICKEN BROTH.  CHICKEN!!!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!! Thank you Marutama!  Now I can enjoy ramen fully and drink the soup without having to think about pork bones.  🙂  Yes, it does come with pork meat, but yah – just give it to husband.  LOL  Makes me wonder why they can’t serve it with chicken now.  But who cares.

The soup is just delicious and rich in chicken flavor.  They must’ve boiled the chickens forever until nothing is left.  I also like their noodles versus the yellowy ones.  Also love how they understand how tight the space is, so they give you bins to throw your purse/jackets under the chairs/table.

Final verdict?  I WILL BE BACK FOR SURE!  Oh, and funny thing was I was battling a cold, and I swear, after eating this…but cold felt SOOOOoooOOO much better!  Beats chicken noodle soup anyday 🙂

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