Nero Belgian Waffle Bar (Downtown Vancouver)…YAY!!

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar on Urbanspoon

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So my husband and I went to check out Nero’s after many friends and relatives said how much they liked this place.  Awesome and friendly service from the counter guys.  It was nice to smell and see them make it fresh too.  The only waffles I really ever had was those lego my eggos one.  LOL.  Still remember those commercials.

My husband and I had a huge dinner so we shared one together and it was actually just right for a dessert.  The fruits were pretty fresh and the whipped cream and fresh hot waffle tasted great together.  So simple, but yet so yummy.  I wouldn’t say the waffles were like out of this world and unique – but I think because it came out freshly hot and made – it made it extra tasty.


Final verdict?  Will be back !  This would go yummy with a coffee or hot tea 🙂  and a girl friend to have long girl chats with!

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