Moncton Cafe (Steveston/Richmond)…YAY!!!

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This place is SOOOooooOOo yummy!  I am a fan of Japanese -western style cooking.  And okay, I would say this is just as good as the other ones (29th Ave Cafe that is close now…. L’Orangerrie).  They also have more selections than other Japanese cafes.  The service is also very good and the ladies are friendly.  The place is quite busy as it is located in busy Steveston.  And even better – close to the screamers stall which I love going during the summer time!

The drinks were simple but yet so good. I’m not sure if it’s because of the “japanese touch” or I was just super thirsty.  We didn’t get to try dessert unfortunately because we were in a rush to go to Trapped Vancouver (pretty fun place!).

Final verdict?  Will be back!  And good luck on finding parking during the weekends…oh my gosh…  and PS.  This place takes reservations  – highly recommend doing that if you have a group because its a small place.

For more info, check out their website

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