DUP’s Eyelashes Fixer Ex Review – A quick fixer upper for false lashes about to come off!

photo 1

Don’t you just hate it when the ends of your false lashes are coming off ?  And you really do not want to take off the whole thing and re -glue it?  Especially when you are out in public and no where close to going home?  Here is a quick solution !  Thank you DUP for making the “Eyelashes Fixer Ex” !



Thin tip for easy application to those darn ends that come off !




You can also get this in regular white


And also in clear!


photo 2


You can buy this easily on Amazon (click)

I personally don’t recommend this for a regular glue because it is quite strong for my eyes.  I just like to use it occasionally to save me from having people looking at me funny – LOL  (“mommy – why is that girls eyelashes coming off??!!” )

For my favorite eyelash glue – read my old post on KOJI Fix Eyelash Glue

PS.  This product is made in Japan


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