Koreana BBQ (Coquitlam)…NAY!

Koreana BBQ & Shabu Shabu Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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Okay – I most likely won’t ever come here again – as the portions were quite small, and the “cooked” foods were just UNEDIBLE.  I usually go to Insadong BBQ Restaurant on North Road but thought to check out Koreana, since it has been here for a long time…actually I believe, since the beginnings of Henderson Place Mall.

The server spoke little english but was quite nice.  There were many korean customers and the place was quite crowded for a weekday lunchtime.  We ordered a combo for 4 people and a side Udon.  The raw meats were in small portions versus Insadong and the price were almost the same.  @@  The udon seemed…  like a teenager maybe whipped it up after realizing mom wasn’t home to cook?  -_-”  Then the fried pork and gyoza were over cooked, and way too much batter.  The side dishes were mediocre and they also noted refill of side dishes are not FREE which it normally is.  -_-”

So there ya have it.  Won’t be back as the price & portion & taste just aren’t all there!


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