RANTS about TD Bank Business Services (Coquitlam, Johnson Location)



Okay – before I start this rant – I would like to be clear, this is my third post, as I don’t think it’s fair to RANT publicly unless its absolutely OUT OF THIS WORLD.  And luckily, I haven’t had many incidents in my life that needs this kind of exposure.  Why am i ranting publicly?  Because I  believe there are people out there who are either experiencing such events, and/or would like to see what kind of ugly-ness they could get themselves into.

I have been with TD Bank since I was a child.  Even had those bank books, with the pink bunny on it.  I wonder if they still give such bank books to kids.  Anyways, I won’t state my line of business here… but you will get the idea.

Location:  1140 Johnson Street, Coquitlam BC

I hardly come here – but sometimes it’s quite convenient and on the way – so  I drop by once every few months.

Incident #1 – a few months ago.
I walk in with a small stack of post dated cheques.  Teller greets me and says “we don’t take this many post dated cheques as it could be a high risk for our bank to store so many”.  Okay – firstly, the number of cheques is definitely less than 90.  So be clear that these are not “hundreds” of cheques.  Then I told her “I do this every month…and never have an issue….”.  THEN SHE TOLD ME – “Oh really?  I have never seen you before and I worked here for a while”.  I think i was just….stunned when she said that.  I replied I usually go to the other branch as it’s closer to me and she told me she will do it as an exception.  I was nice and asked “so…if I want to not inconvenient your bank but get these cheques deposited in the future…what is the best way to do this?”  She said to come at least 7 days ahead versus 3 days.

Incident #2 – a few days ago.
OK.  I went here because I was seriously passing by and thought “maybe things have changed by now”.  Sadly – IT DIDN’T.  It was May 27th and I gave her a batch of the usual amount of cheques along with this deposit list with each cheques listed clearly with subtotals.  On the top of the page I wrote “POSTDATED FOR JUNE 1ST 2014”.  Every single cheque was dated “June 1st 2014” AND…I also handed three cheques – and said “these can be deposited today”.  Left the bank…thinking “wow!  that was smooth!”

Later that evening I get a email from a client who is clearly not too happy – “please do not deposit cheques in the future if it’s not the date on the cheques yet”.  I’m confused and check the account online.  WTF – THE TELLER PUT ALL OF THE CHEQUES IN.  omfg.

I call the branch manager immediately the next day …and she would not admit it was their fault.  She started saying that I should have checked carefully, and that the people who clear the cheques is a third party company.  UH…did you know that a third company …NOT TD….clears your cheques?  After a 20 minute chat – she still would not apologize or say that its TD’s fault.  In the end – I had to ask her to at least reimburse the penalties clients might have from the early withdrawal/ not enough funds/ etc.  which she agreed to.  Which sucks – because clients have to go to their location if they are not a TD client.

While conversing with her, I contacted TD’s facebook – they were really fast in replying.  I strongly recommend if you have something to complain or address – you need to go outside of the branch.  I think because I clearly stated the two incidents and what the branch managers “resolution” was … she suddenly called me later and said she would send a letter to state it’s not my fault.  From the way she was talking – it definitely sounded like she didn’t want to because she felt they weren’t at fault still ….and that I HAD REQUESTED IT.


Okay…this is getting to be a super long post – so there.  I have said it – do not go to TD bank 1140 Johnson Street, Coquitlam BC








With all this being said – please choose which location of TD you go to because they are definitely not all the same.  Unfortunately – I think TD needs to do testing not on just their tellers – but also their BRANCH MANAGERS.


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