Elua – Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Review



Got this as a gift from my friend.  She was telling me how she the fruit infuser bottles just don’t give enough flavor, so she bought this to see if it would be any different.

Man – facebook ads do work.  I had like the page – and I guess she saw it and clicked on it…and ended up buying it!  LOL.


Easy as 1 -2 -3 !


Flip upside down with the cap on. CAP ON….I REPEAT…CAP ON!!!



Cut up a lemon in half and squeeze away.  Use those muscles!



I like to squeeze a whole lemon because….I’m lazy to seran wrap the other half and save it.  So yes – I just squeeze, squeeze all and chuck the lemon away.  OH…actually sometimes I throw the lemon in the sink, to get rid of any leftover food smell – it really works! (saw it on the food channel once)



Liquid from two lemons.



Put bottom cap on – and…….




Flip over!



You are ready for H20 pouring.



Give it a couple shakes, or flips.  I tested it…. No leakage.  Just don’t drop it, because obviously – that could lead to cracking and leaking.




Look at all the goodies floating in there.  That’s strong flavor for ya!

I’ve tested this with oranges too and I love it.  The cleaning is really easy and any of the excess pulp just flushes right out if you rinse it right away.  If you find that the pulp has stuck to the drainer – just fill the bottle up with water and let it soak.  Then flush it again with water.  Works like a charm!

Citrus_Zinger_-_Scaled_Primary_Product_Image_-_1000x1000_1024x1024Comes in three delicious colors – pink, lime, and orange



No more fruit infuser bottles for me !~   I love the Citrus Zinger Water Bottle ><

Oh! Also it fills 828 mL of Water and costs $20!  🙂

I’m seriously dying to buy more for friends and family as gifts – but they are SOLD OUT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT.  It’s been two weeks now….and still no restock yet 😦  Hopefully Elua will be coming out with more because father’s day is just around the corner!



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