E2 Cafe Restaurant (Burquitlam)…NAY!!!

E2 Cafe Restaurant on Urbanspoon

photo 1

the only good dish. fried tofu – i guess you can’t really go wrong with this, unless you burn it.

photo 2

this was standard.  according to my friend who just wanted a snack.

photo 3


photo 4


So why NAY?  The pics might look okay.  But IT’S NOT IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY.  The corn had a weird hue to it…like greyish…..dark blue….-_-” oh gosh.  Scary eh?  Obviously not eat-a ble.  Why would they put it as a side veggie?  I guess for color.  For color…but please don’t eat me.  LOL!  Then the chicken was the only thing i ate.  But only ate a bit – because I ‘m scared i will be eating something expired.  I didn’t finish my steak at all.  Wait…it’s called steak in the menu – but the texture was sooo strange.  it tasted like steak …but texture was like pork?  SO WEIRD.  And their standard drinks were so strange.  The ice lemon tea…….the lemon water….I dunno – they tasted diluted with some essence of flavors in them.

Then I saw a customer came in to pick up – and they “forgot” to cook it after he placed his order.  I think if it wasn’t for the fact that this place is walking distance to Lougheed Mall/Skytrain – it would be a goner.

Final verdict? NEVER COMING BACK!


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