Mega Sushi (Richmond, Steveston)…YAY!

Mega Sushi on Urbanspoon


Very busy place so make sure you do make reservations !!


Grilled Hamachi !~  I think …this was the cheek? or wait…belly?!


MMM…baked oysters. This was pretty standard!


Fresh and yummy sashimi


Oooo…what is this?  All my friends said “you must order this!!”


The Mega Tower – loved it.  It’s presented on a bed of salad with delicious dressing.  The tower itself has sashimi inside and rice.  Totally agreed, this made the meal soooo much better.


Rainbow Roll – standard.


Nigiri – LOTS OF UNI as you can see.  I’m not a fan of UNI.  But I was told it’s good.  That’s my scallop at the end! I’m quite simple with my nigiri – usually I just stick with a scallop, saba, or any aburi nigiri !




This is what Mega sushi looks like from the outside.

Quite enjoyed this place as we usually go to Ichiro.  It ‘s a good change from the usual but also quite similiar and common comparing to all the japanese (korean owned and twist) restaurants that flood the lower mainland.  I really enjoy eating at japanese -korean fusion sushi places as they always seem to come up with some crazy dishes.

The service was pretty good too.  Fast! I wouldn’t say the girls are super smiley and friendly…more like GO ! GO ! GO!

Final verdict?  Will be back and to try a few more “special dishes”.  All of the standards are there and taste just like any other restaurant.  Price is okay – cheaper than ichiro by a bit.  I heard from other people that the sashimi is better if you just order by the fish (ie:  salmon sashimi, toro sashimi…etc).  Not sure why – but will give it a shot next time 🙂

PS.  The Mega Tower is quite filling!  But it’s good for sharing


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