How to make a perfect soft boiled egg








So I think I finally researched the perfect method for making delicious boiled eggs, with a creamy yolk filling.


  1. Boil a pot of water (I would say my pot can fit around 7 eggs)
  2. When the water comes to a roaring boil, carefully and quickly* place your eggs in.  (I put in 7)
  3. When all eggs are in the pot, time exactly 7 minutes
  4. When 7 minutes is up, immediately put it under running cold water (AS COLD AS POSSIBLE) and let the water run against the eggs until completely cooled
  5. Peel the shells and store in a ziplock with your favorite marinade or just sprinkle with salt.

photo 1



I marinated this bag with some chili, soy sauce, and garlic. Don’t forget to gently toss the eggs so they are covered and flip the bag around time to time when left in fridge.  Just so all areas of the eggs get some goodness 😉

photo 2



If you want a creamy -crystal looking yolk – wait three days.  It’s great to eat right away but I prefer this consistency.

photo 3

Mmmm…  and the best thing is?  You can make these in batches and eat it as a side dish!  One less dish to make each day 😛


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