Chada Thai (Coquitlam)… YAY!

Chada Thai Fine Cuisine on Urbanspoon



Lovely place in Coquitlam!  It has a very authentic classy Thai feeling even though the restaurant is quite small and is FILLED….PACKED….with the smell of the GRILL.


Not saying that is a bad thing….it just makes you more hungry…and stinky.  LOL


 Loved all the ornaments, statues and artwork.



Started with the grilled prawn appetizer.  Grilled to perfection and served with a nice tangy and spicy side.  This just made me hungrier for the entree.


My duck confit.  Thai style!


Served with white rice – My FAV!!  But oh my gosh.  I was so stuffed, couldn’t finish the other duck and packed it home as leftovers.  So full that I couldn’t have dessert 😦  So sad…..


Husband’s seafood platter.  Beautiful isn’t it?  Oh – and you can choose how spicy you like each dish.  Love it when a restaurant can customize to your taste.

A lso served with rice.  We couldn’t finish it.  Too stuffed.

Service was excellent.  Except we were lucky to not have the “new girl”.  I think some people are just not meant to be waitresses or in the restaurant service business.  I’m sure she was a nice girl but man – mixing up orders, or making up things without checking with the boss – that can really piss off customers or long time customers.  But like I said – lucky us, we had a nice man help us and was very helpful and polite.

We did have a groupon, but I’m pretty sure we will be back without one.  The food was tasty and yes, a bit highly priced, but the quality and flavors were excellent.  If you spot it on Groupon- don’t hesitate to get one! And if you are craving authentic thai -here is an excellent place that you won’t be disappointed.  I have yet to try the dessert next time.

Final verdict?  for sure coming back!


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