Sasatinnie – Q10 Anti-oxidant Firming 3D Stretch Mask Review….NAY.


 Introducing… Sasa’s “best seller” mask

“Q10 Anti-oxidant Firming 3D Stretch Mask “

“Sasatinnie Q10 Anti-oxidant Firming 3D Stretch Mask, making use of the newly imported 3D Diamond Pattern Stretch Mask from Japanese, provides 600 degree of elastic pressure pulling the face and neck upwards to firm skin in 11 areas, including forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw, neck, etc. With anti-sagging and moisturizing essence, it effectively improves facial lines, prevents skin aging and lifts forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds and neck grain. 
Improves skin elasticity and suppleness, facilitates skin anti-oxidant effect and skin metabolism with co-enzyme Q10. Organic epilobium fleischeri extract helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines effectively. Containing snail mucus, it gives excellent skin adhesiveness and enables deep absorption. Effectively improves skin elasticity and nourish delicate skin.”


Seriously, if you are making a product.  You just need to find a cute asian looking cartoon and slap it on to help you sell it.  HOW CAN YOU RESIST?  Or maybe I am just naive.  Pink too!!!



6 masks in this box.($12.50 a box)


  1. Stretch the earloops on both sides of the mask and hang them on the ears.
  2. Stretch the lower end of the mask and hang the earloops on the ears. Let the mask cover the whole chin.
  3. Gently massage the face to help essence absorption. Remove the mask after 20 minutes.

image_4 image_3




  • 【Co-enzyme Q10】 Anti-aging, accelerate skin metabolism, reduce dry lines.
  • 【Organic epilobium fleischeri extract】 Minimize pores, improve skin tone.
  • 【Syn-ak peptides and snail protein】 Reduce appearance of wrinkles and repair skin, improve skin firmness.



So I really liked this mask because the shape actually fully fits my face.  The ones I have used either don’t go around the chin/neck and ear or else feels way too tight (and even rips sometimes!).  I noticed that my face started to tingle and get all sensitive after 10 minutes.  Maybe allergic reaction?

Usually when I use this mask and take it off, I go to sleep right away and can see a difference if the mask is any good when I wake up.  I don’t think my face got softer or brighter …or anything!!  Just a reminder, I have gone through my fair share of different masks.  So…yes – I can tell if its a yes or no -__-“”

Summary?  Nay for me.  Great shape and fit for around the face – but not beneficial for my skin.  Not sure where the “best seller” sticker came from lol.


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