Osaka Sushi Japanese Restaurant Review (Vancouver)….YAY!

Osaka Sushi Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Pleasantly surprised by all the specialty rolls they have.  This was the scallop toast – highly recommended.


Forgot what this was, but it was yummy too – unagi on top!

image_3 image_4

Pretty ain’t it?  I’m really surprised at the many variety of rolls they have and how tasty they are.  The presentation is also nice!  You would never guess this type of place existed as its surrounded by a few other little restaurants in the corner of this old square.  A real gem!


Standard chicken and udon.


Do not order this!!!!!  Yes…that’s correct.  That is imitation crabmeat that you see with their “deluxe sashimi”.  I didn’t think it was worth the price either.  Stick with the rolls.

The tuna is not super fresh too… or maybe we just had one piece of bad tuna.  The waitress noticed we kinda half chewed on one and asked about it.  we just told her …it tasted weird…and she apologized about that and wanted to get a new piece.  But we just let it go cause we were in a rush.


standard japanese curry.



Another delicious roll.  I forgot what it’s called.

Final verdict?  YAY.  I’m glad I found this place stumbling upon it on urbanspoon.  LOVE URBANSPOON.  It’s very close to my grandparents in law home – so it will be on my list of close eats!  As said, I will probably just stick with their rolls, and order sashimi elsewhere.  Service was fast and the girls were all very nice.  🙂  Check it out!


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