Corner 23, Vancouver (Cambie Street)….YAY?!

Corner 23 萬巒豬腳 on Urbanspoon


Do you see what I see floating on top of our tea?  A little treat of protein inside our chinese tea! Yums…… *sarcasm*


My favorite dish – spring onion chicken.  I think thats what its called.  Anyways – it’s basically the only non fried chicken, along with “three spice chicken”


Comes with rice, and three side dishes!  I don’t like kabocha very much, and those green beans – so I only finished the broccoli. 😛


The milk udon- a bit too much cream/milk.  Pearl Castle’s is better.  Usually, restaurants put some chicken broth in it to balance with the cream.  But this was just FULL CREAM/milk.


Zha Cai Rou Si Mian – husband ordered this.  “not bad, not bad” he said.  Which actually mean it’s good!  I prefer rice over noodles – so no comment la.


My whole family…aunts…uncles….LOVE this.  It’s pig leg…all cut up after being braised with its juices.  It comes with a side sauce (not in picture).  You can also order this with rice if you do not want noodles !  I must admit, it smells delicious and tastes amazing.  I don’t eat pork 95% of the time (lifestyle choice) but I will have one bite of this if someone orders it.  :p

Final verdict? So yes.  Although we were pleasantly surprised by the insect protein in the tea.  The waitress was actually really embaressed and apologetic.  In past experiences, usually they just stare at you like “whats wrong?  its just a fly…mosquito…etc.”  and change it.  But since the waitress was sooooo nice and sorry about it – I can forget it.  :p  Food was excellent and I have had bbt here before – standard!

Just check your tea and you’ll have a good time eating taiwanese food!


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