New Town Bakery & Restaurant, Chinatown/Vancouver …NAY.

New Town Bakery & Restaurant 新城餅家餐室 on Urbanspoon


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Sorry I haven’t been posting for as often.  My dad recently got a liver transplant so I have been less in contact with my computer.  So here is a post from a quick breakfast stop before heading over to the hospital.

Food is mediocre – but yes, they are known for their delicious and fresh apple tarts and buns.  My favorite is the chicken buns without the yolk.  But here is why I will not return.  I know chinese restaurants are known for terrible service but this is just absolutely horrendous.

The bill came for our table to $53.75.  I gave a 10% tip because it was really bad service and the ladies were just slow in answering, as well as the usual – throwing dishes on the plates. Awesome!!  Okay…so this was the WORST PART.  I dropped $58.75 on the table and she quickly walked over and started counting the money in front of us.  Like dividing coins and dollars…on the table. OMFG.  -_-”  And then she said we didn’t give her 10%, have to give 10% tips or else we can’t go.  And I was like “uh….did you count correct?  I put $58 plus!”  Then she counted again and said “oh!  I counted wrong.. hahaha!”  And took the money and left.  No sorry, no nothing.


TERRIBLE!  This is why I am not going to come back!! -_-“


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