Peninsula Seafood Restaurant… YAY !! (Vancouver, Oakridge Mall)

Peninsula Seafood Restaurant 半島公館 on Urbanspoon

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A great place for dim sum  and definitely busy as it is located in Oakridge mall.  I waited for 30 minutes, and I’m not sure if they take reservation…I think they do.  But not sure.  I saw a couple wait for a hour and they got super duper pissed off because alot of tables weren’t cleaned up and therefore they couldn’t go in.  Service was pretty good and although they were like the typical asian waitress at a chinese restaurant, they were fast and responded!

I didn’t like their durian dessert as much as Neptune’s unfortunately, but everything was pretty good and lots of variety in their menu.  I would say this dim sum is a bit more pricier than some of the other seafood restaurants.  Is it my favorite? No….I think “Red Star” on Granville is still one of the better ones but …my …

final verdict?  I would come back for sure. It’s very close to my in law’s house and convenient because we like to go Kin’s and buy fruits!


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