Ono Seafood, Hawaii (Honolulu- Kaimuki)…YAY YAY YAY!

Ono Seafood on Urbanspoon


Eh…wtf? only 18 votes – but this was on top 100’s list for Yelp’s Database.  NUMBER 18 YO…in all of america?!


Warning:  no restaurant sign.  Just spot this little blue store…connected to a dinky parking lot and a american savings banks.  YOU WILL MISS IT FOR SURE IF YOU DON’T LOOK FOR THIS BLUE.



the 8 flavors they have.  I can’t remember which one I ordered.  You can ask for half/ half of different pokes.  I know I ordered half spicy, and half of “the most popular poke” (just ask them!)


The owner in the middle – and her daughter.  They must be mother/daughter I assume because they look SO ALIKE.  SO SHOCKING!!!!


the best poke ever!

IMG_1381 IMG_1382

These two drinks are delicious .  Aloha and Hawaiian Sun ‘s drinks all make you feel all sunny and happy.  I had to bring a few in my luggage.


I often crave a few foods every now and then…for example…Macdonald fries … and now…this. But this is all the way in Hawaii!!! AHHHHHHhhhhhHHHH…


Take a note please and not make the same mistake as me-it is closed on Tuesday is CLOSED !!!  And also if you are looking for something sweet – Leonard’s Bakery is very close . MASALADAS. SOOOOoooooOOOOOO GOOD.


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