Hinone Mizunone …YAY ! (Hawaii, Manoa-Maikiki/University District)

Hinone Mizunone on Urbanspoon

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This place was found by accident because the two places we tried going to were both closed!  From the outside, I thought it was a korean bbq house – but it was a pleasant surprise that it was japanese food.  The inside is a very simple japanese restaurant, all open spaced  – almost like a cafe style.

I would recommend this place as it was quite authentic in the japanese cooking dishes, BUT do not get the tuna poke.  Poke is not a original dish, and I felt the sesame oil over powering and my husband swears he got the runs that night from it?  The miso soup was overly salty, but I must say the miso butterfish we ordered was perfectly cooked and the sides complimented it well.

So yes, the miso fish won me over.  And that is why i would say yes – go for it.  😉  Oh but I must warn you, nothing else on the menu intrigued me.  So perhaps you will find something of fancy to you!


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