Fish House in Stanley Park…. Maybe will try again. MAYBE.

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We were served with fresh bread and balsamic vinegar and lobster oil.  Lobster oil is definitely not as strong in taste compared to Joe Fortes – loved the balsamic vinegar though as it wasn’t super heavy with that sour taste.


My favorite part of the whole meal – everything was tasty, from the soup base to the fried prawn, to the truffle oil.  Well balanced taste and not too creamy.


I won’t comment on this because I am not a fan of duck eaten this way.  Oh! I ate the figs, which were sweet and lovely 🙂


I totally do not like this salad!  I have had pea based salad dressings but this was absolutely tasteless.  Perhaps they forgot to pinch some salt in there to enhance the flavor.  After this salad, we waited for 40 minutes before the next dish was served.  Oh gosh…this better be good??


Nope – it wasn’t.  I think this was suppose to be the highlight entree.  My beef was SO CHEWY….and my dad said his beets tasted “old”.  Chinese saying…which basically means….it’s super not fresh?  😦 I was happy eating the fried ball of mushroom risotto.  Instead of the beef, I would’ve been happier with two balls of risotto!  😦

But then again…it is “the fish house” right?  So maybe I can’t blame their short ribs was chewy …wait….then …maybe they shouldn’t have this on their menu?!


I don’t eat chocolate.  So no comment.  lovely presentation right?


Ginger lychee sorbet i think?  I asked the server to substitute my dessert as I don’t eat chocolate.  He was really nice about it and gave me this.   But yah… maybe I should’ve took the chocolate dessert and take it to go for someone who would appreciate eating it.  This particular sorbet was like ice ….with some ginger syrup. -_-”  but more like eating ice.


So why did I said in the title that I might return? My mom happened to see this on groupon and thought to purchase it to check it out and invited us along.  The four of us was extremely disappointed but had a look at the regular menu which was filled with seafood!  And very delicious sounding seafood.  For sure the groupon menu was a disaster, but I’m willing to give the regular menu a final try before making my final judgement.  Also, the fact that it was PACKED with people also is a good sign that this place has got to be pretty good or why would it be so crowded right?

So…yes….final verdict to be continued in the near future!~




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