SATYA Organic Skincare Review – great for eczema, diaper rashes, insect bites, chapped lips, dry skin, and sunburns!







So i went to a craftsfair by BLIM and saw this interesting booth with just bottles of something called SATYA.

“Satya Organic Skin Care is a 100% USDA certified organic calendula balm. It’s a multi-purpose skin healer, ideal for eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and burns. Created using only four, top quality ingredients and handcrafted, Satya has no added fragrance, chemicals or preservatives.”

The lady put some on the back of my hand… and I was in love.


The texture is kinda like petroleum jelly, but not as oily.  My hands are super feet too.


Look at the after!  When I smoothed it into my skin, it ‘s so much softer and less cracked looking!  I put this on usually every night when I’m about to go sleep and my hands are definitely a lot softer.  I was reading some of their reviews and I’m super excited because I read a user put it on her daughters “chicken skin”…you know those small red bumps that are sometimes on the back of your arms?  I HAVE THAT.  And skin doctors have said its not curable.  Here is what the user said about it

This is amazing stuff! It cleared up the “chicken skin” that my daughter had on the back of her arms. Our doctor said there was nothing that would help and that she may outgrow it. Within a week of using the Satya, it was gone and has not come back. Thank you!” – Wendy B


Super excited – going to try it now on back of arms. 😀  Been dying to get rid of those since i was a child.



So what’s in it?

  • Organic Calendula Petals 
  • Organic Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oils
  • Organic BeesWax
  • Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oils


I also have little areas of eczema and have been using it to ease the itchyness – works like a charm!  The lady also suggested to use it on my lips and I love it!  Make my lips very soft and moist – without the oily feeling.

I ‘M SUPER PROUD ALSO that this is local! 😉  But available hopefully to everyone in the world….



$20 a bottle – check it out at their website for more info on the product itself and purchasing! They also have a small travel size for your purse ($4.50)



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