Dinner at Sushi Shelter ….YAY!

Sushi Shelter 101 on Urbanspoon


I can’t remember exactly what this was…I think it was the WOW roll?  It has smoke salmon, cream cheese and avocado.  Very yummy.  I think whoever invented smoke salmon, and cream cheese into a sushi is the most smartest person in the world ! LOL.


SMAC roll – this was my favorite.  Couldn’t stop eating this.  I ‘m a sucker for scallop and salmon in a roll together.


Salmon and tuna sashimi – what a fun presentation!

image_4 image_5

Tuna Tataki Attack ?  I forgot the exact name…pretty cool presentation eh?  With the fire …oooooo.

Tastes pretty good – LOTS OF AVOCADO if you are into that.  A bit too much for me.



Deep Fried Kale – if you are a fan of kale…you will like this.  🙂

So I usually do come here for lunch.  LOVE their lunch combos – read more here.   I definitely will come back here for dinner again.  I think at lunch, because their lunch combos are always such a good deal, I never had the opp. to try their special rolls.  Their prices, quality, and creativity in their rolls are awesome!  I ‘m seriously surprised this place is never crowded.  A real treasure hidden behind Port Coquitlam’s Costco/ Save on Foods.  I will be back 🙂


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