Zawa Restaurant…Vancouver…MEH.

Zawa Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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I don’t think I will come back ever for food – if anything, just drinks.  They seem to have a large selection of drinks that caught my eye (maybe because i kept seeing STRAWBERRY).  OooooOOOOooo and they have bellini’s in other flavors other than the original peach.  like STRAWBERRY!

Okay…so why I will not come back to eat.  

  • The waiter seemed kinda rough …kinda chucked the beer sleeves on the table, slammed drinks onto the table.
  • I swear one of the other waitress was giving us this weird look …like scanning us and checking us out…in not a nice way.
  • food was really just bear-able.  my pasta was quite bland.  and creamy.  ew.  all the other food was just really minimum standard.
  • my friend’s salad was missing BEETS.  in her BEET SALAD. w-t-f?

So yes, enough said.  Would only come here for a drink if I cannot find any other places on COMMERCIAL DRIVE.


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