Dai Tung Chinese Seafood Restaurant …YAY

Dai Tung Chinese Seafood Restaurant 大同海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon


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I have been coming here since I was a kid and I always remember looking forward to their “house special salted chicken”  – Argh, we ordered two, and I ate  1.5 by myself.  SO FAT SO FAT.  but o well.  Back to zumba it is for me tomorrow.  PLEASE do make a reservation if you do plan on coming here on the weekend.  It was packed straight up to 2:00pm.  AND…if you are planning to have tapioca pudding – do place your order right away.  We thought to wait til the end so it comes out hot, but THEY SOLD OUT.  The waitress recommended to order it right away in the beginning, and then ask them to hold it til the end.  So yes – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Also, I really enjoyed the BBQ Duck Lai Fen – because I just love to eat LAI FEN!~

Okay – the dim sum selection seemed pretty basic to me.  They covered all the main dim sum dishes that people usually eat but seemed to lack the  “special” ones (ie:  durian flaky pastries).

Service was not bad as well – waitresses were pretty nice and funny.  Manager/host was MEH – doesn’t smile and looks moody but oh well.  To be honest though – if it wasn’t for their salted special chicken – I don’t think I would come back.

Final verdict?  Will be back for some more dim sum thanks to their BBQ duck noodle and salted special chicken 😉


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