Matsumoto Shave Ice… YAY (Hawaii, North Shore)

Matsumoto Shave Ice on Urbanspoon


A friend of us told us about this place and it is a MUST GO.  At first, I was like – oh great…I’m coming for snow cones.  GREAT!


LINE UP – FOR….snow cones?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!


oh great…snow cone cups….this is not gonna be good.  no no no….


here we go…

By the way, this guy will come and take your order I think if there is a huge line up.  And then you confirm your order at the til and pay and wait on the side and get it.


wheeeeeeeeeee! we got it!


my special one.  So good. SOOOO GOOD.  I CANNOT STOP THINKING HOW GOOD IT IS.  I must go back for this.  Yes, I backed out and not got the usual snow cone looking ones.  And I don’t regret it.  So heavenly.  The green tea ice is strong and flavorful, not watered down by the ice.  The bitterness is amazing with the sweet vanilla ice cream and azuki beans.  OH AND THE MOCHI?  So Q.  So chewy.  So soft.  Feels really shiok eating it.  LOVE IT.  one of the highlights of my trip for sure.  Even after a filling lunch, I finished this.  @@


Jeff’s snow cone.  I think it was like passion fruit and strawberry and mango or something.  Surprisingly it was very good.  Softer than the usual snowcone and it never gets like “icy”.  You know what I mean?  When we eat snowcones, the flavors get sucked and then you are left with ice.  That’s it.  BUT NO NO NO!  not this one.  It’s very different as there is a SECRET INGREDIENT in which the flavor are always there.  Oh and the condense milk mixed in is just heavenly as well.  We kept wondering what kind of syrup do they use, but obviously …it’s a secret.  DELICIOUS.




oh Matsumoto – i miss you so!~


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