Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck …YAY (Hawaii, North Shore)

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck on Urbanspoon


omg…quite shocked of this truck’s outer appearance when we got here.  LOL.  eye catching isn’t it? Feel free to sign your name on it!


La Menu!~


awesomeness – we didn’t have to line up long!


#3.  A bit overcooked – definitely won’t order this next time…because…..



#1 blew me away.  I can see why this is the most popular one.  We were very tempted to try the  hot & spicy #2 ….but too scared, seeing how washrooms are not SUPER easy to find 😉  oops. i mean …clean washrooms!

#1 is definitely recommended for everyone 😉

PS.  Bring wet wipes to wash your hands and to wipe your table …oh and hand sanitizer! You will be using your hands to peel these yummy shrimps.   There are tables for customers so no need to stand 🙂 BUT – I can see that being limited during prime time !  So be warned !


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