A trip to the Dole Plantation (Hawaii)

Dole Plantation Grille on Urbanspoon


64-1550 Kamehameha Hwy, Wahiawa, HI 96786, United States
+1 808-621-8408



I have been drinking juice by Dole and eating canned fruits from Dole growing up.  It was nice to come see where the pineapples and fruits came from.


I honestly don’t think I would recommend this place unless you are looking for a short educational trip for your kids!


Went on the pineapple express train – a 15 minute ride that runs every 30 minutes?


You really just see…fields of pineapples growing, and random trees/plants of various fruits such as: bananas, lychees, sugar cane, rambutan, green ti leafs, breadfruits, etc.  BUT – perhaps it wasn’t the season, I didn’t see any fruits growing except for bananas.


this is really the highlight of this plantation visit!  SOUVENIR SHOP AND CAFETERIA.


MMM…super duper fresh pineapples!


This was sooo filling.  But one of the best pineapples I ever had.  And OMG.  the ice cream.  You can really taste the fresh pineapple juice in it.


Pineapple float that everyone was drinking.  Pineapple fruit – pineapple juice -pineapple ice cream.  All pineappled out! :p

I would recommend that you come here to pick up some souvenirs and have a pineapple dessert/snack.  BUT NOT THE EXPRESS TRAIN.  Unless it is the season where there are loads of visible fruits.


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