A trip to Pearl Harbor Historic Site (Hawaii)


I ‘m not sure what brought us to check out Pearl Harbour, but I’m really glad we did.  I took a lot of pictures, and didn’t upload all – it would be just too crazy.  So here are just several that really blew me away.


I cannot believe this is how big a missile is.  ITS LIKE TWICE THE SIZE I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE.


I get goosebumps just looking at the waters, imagining what happened in the past and all the pain, sadness, and deaths that happened.


An anchor from one of the ships. Again, bigger than what I imagined.



I’m shocked that the american ship was so small compared to the Japanese ship.  Seriously….


I couldn’t take a full size of the boat…but if you google it.  It’s a very big difference.  Look how many planes could fit on the war ship!


I really think this is a place everyone should go at least once in their life to learn about not just this particular war…but what war is like in general.


Thank you to museums like this for finding, maintaining, and storing all these historic artifacts so the world can have a glimpse of real history.

IMG_1070 IMG_1071

I couldn’t believe I was seeing a real  weapon from the Japanese side here.  We hear about such weapons and missiles in movies, and books – but when you really are standing in front of one….a sense of eerie-ness just overshadows you.

We all learn about this horrible event in history and social studies, but you don’t really experience a fragment of this event unless you come here and just breathe it in.


PS. NO BAGS ALLOWED.  You can pay a few dollars to have your bag stored if you have no where to leave it.


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