Little Cafe Siam (Hawaii, Ala Moana)

Little Cafe Siam on Urbanspoon

Snacktime at the food court.  Although I was not hungry.  Hubby was… so he found this cute little place at the food court.  My uncle name is Siam – had to take a pic and send it to him LOL!


Although it was very yummy and authentic tasting…something I cannot stand and tolerate is UNDERCOOKED CHICKEN.  ARGH!  Had to ask the lady to cook it again, and even the second time…it was just…..right.  Any minute less on the grill, we would have to go back !  aiya.  She took it back the undercooked satays which was like all of them…and didn’t apologize and just gave us a new batch.



Tom yum soup.  Hubby said it was good.  I ‘m not a fan of this so I didn’t try.  (I know la….hubby thinks its funny that I write about food and am such a picky eater. LALALALA. )

Final verdict?  NAH. I don’t like to take chances with undercooked food.


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