Kissaten (Ala Moana, Hawaii)

Kissaten on Urbanspoon


We were checking out available places to eat breakfast while we were waiting for the Ala Moana Mall to open and found this.  SO RANDOM!


Love how supportive they are of local artists !


Some very interesting art structures and mixed media’s on display shelf!


So as you can tell, it’s kinda like a cafe.  Go up and order your food, bring a number to your table and they bring it out to you.


There’s not a lot of choices and since it was breakfast, we thought we would keep it light.


We both ordered smoke salmon bagels and MAN – this has got to be the freshest bagel i ever had, along with the delicious ingredients to put inside!


Delicious honey latte with a hint of cinnamon sprinkled on top.  I LOVED THIS SOOO MUCH.  I have had honey lattes, but they are usually either watered down, or not enough honey flavor.  I must admit this was a tiny bit sweet, but SOOOOooooOOOOO good and really has a bold flavor of honey!


hubby’s regular ice coffee!  standard!



me no likey onion and capers – so husband has them.

Final verdict?  YUMS.  Price is OK.  a bit higher priced compared to our canadian cafes BUT it’s okay.  People shouldn’t mind paying a tiny bit more for the freshest of the freshest veggies and ingredients right?  I would definitely recommend people to come here for a lighter snack or meal.  honey latte is a must try ❤


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