Scotty Brown’s, Bellingham WA (last resort……)

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So we were waiting for our flight to Hawaii and decided to grab a bite here.  Seeing how it was the only restaurant basically.  We assumed it was self serve as no waitress approached us when we stood for a bit.  Then we sat there for a good 15 minutes at the empty table… no menu…no drinks… no settings on the table.  Watched the waitresses go past us about 20 times.  Not sure if I can be nice and say because it was “crowded”.  Because they should have the decency to say at least once “I’ll be with you!” or acknowledge our presence.

Finally – someone came and from then on…the service was much faster.  Husband was not very hungry so he just ordered soup and wings.  He swears the celery that came with the wings was the most freshest and crunchiest celery he has ever ate in his whole life.  I don’t know! I hate celery!  ;P  Food was decent – typical brown’s I guess.  Not sure – is scotty brown the same as brown’s?!  Probably…same menu basically.

THEN WHAT HAPPENED NEXT BUGGED ME ALOT.  Okay.. I’m the type of person that is very aware of my surroundings.  I wouldn’t say I’m a eavesdropper (or maybe I am…lol) – but trust me.  Because I’m alert – I have helped MANY PEOPLE ALONG THE WAY.  Like this situation coming up.  I noticed 3 adults sitting beside us catching an earlier flight having some wine and having a good chat about looking forward to their vacation.  Then one of their kids runs up and says – “we have to go line up now!!!  they are boarding!”  Parents rush with their wine and then as they rush off, they leave a small green luggage behind.  At first I didn’t notice it, but I saw that the waitresses and manager came.  I think the manager asked the waitress for that table to go find the customer …but she didnt.  10 minutes go by and you know, I’m just a customer right?  I would assume they would do the right thing.  But what pissed me off was…another waitress needed the table and just took the luggage and put it by the ENTRANCE.  what the hell?!?! Then I started telling my husband…”I heard they are flying soon, and bellingham airport isn’t so big.  I think they are at the gate beside us!”  So we pay our bill and I start walking towards the gate (because I didn’t want to look like I’m stealing…)  that is basically empty since all the passengers are waiting for take off.  I tell the check in lady – ” I think one of your passengers left a green luggage at the restaurant.”  She frowned at me – I don’t know why. Then I walked off.  Heard some walky-talky business.  And then I see a airport worker go grab the bag and walky talky’s back “I got it!”.  YOU ARE WELCOME LA.

Anyways…long post for a airport restaurant.  Final verdict? I will only come back if I’m at this airport obviously.  Customer service really needs to step it up especially looking out for their customers.  You are located inside an airport, so your staff needs to be prepared for situations like this.  Sheesh.


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