Round Table Pizza (Waikiki, Hawaii)…YAY!

Round Table Pizza on Urbanspoon

IMG_0885 IMG_0886



I LOVE PIZZA.  And I really liked this place… although a bit expensive compared to canadian pizza.  It was pretty good!  I also like how  you can order personal sizes along with the usually medium and large pizza.  We were famished and looking for a quick bite after flying in on a delayed flight.  I think we didn’t get to Hilton Hawaiian village til like 8:30pm?!  or 9:00pm.  SO HUNGWEEEEEeeeee.  Waiters were super friendly and nice.  I noticed there was one particular guy that was really chatting it up with some tourists and sharing some of his personal touring experiences in Hawaii.  Gotta love great customer service – makes the food taste 10 times better!

Final verdict!  Convenient and close to where we stayed.  Would go back 🙂  OH!  And you can also from Round table from the tapa bar by the pool.  And lots of people came in and grabbed take out and headed to the beach.  Popular place !


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