Day 2 in Hawaii: Scouting Hilton Hawaiian village out, Ala Moana Park & Mall, and moving to the Tapas building! :)


View from Diamond room


looking out to the pool from our “old” room…you shall see why….later 😉


lobby area!~


guest check in-out


of course the palm trees of hawaii ❤


off we go – walking across the bridge to ala moana mall !~


the mall doesn’t open til 10am so we walked over to the park across from it.  It’s my first time ever seeing actual BLUE water.


sooooo beautiful.  And yes. I ‘m not in shorts because it was a little bit chilly surprisingly and EXTREMELY WINDY.  Lucky for us, only this day was like this, and it was all HOT from there on.


one more of the beautiful clear blue waters and sky!  If only Vancouver was like this.


at the mall now!~


It’s pretty cool, it’s kinda like open concept and so when you are walking…you can see the blue skies on top of you.  I wonder what it would be like if it begins to rain?!  But I guess in Hawaii , it doesn’t rain very much.  Also, no air con, but the shop have air con so I guess it’s okay since you will be popping in and out from store to store.


what i can’t believe is….they have koi fish in their man made ponds.  SERIOUSLY.  if this was at metrotown mall or any of our malls, the fish would be all dead because kids just would be poking them and throwing food in the waters…or pennies.  I can’t believe I didn’t see any dead fish.  They are so beautiful to look at, but I really worry about water contamination and children around these koi fish.


I found a Doraemon!!!!!


top floor of ala moana!~


The LV store at the Hilton.  They really love their LV here – saw like 3 in close proximity and they are all quite large stores.


I loved the little shops around the hawaiian village.  So cute !


Walking to the hilton beach


Sun is almost setting….


tons of koi fish at the hawaiian village.   ❤  So beautiful and not shy at all.


The beautiful chapel we pass by all the time to get to our building.  YAY!  we got to change rooms –


This is in the Tapas building.  WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE?!?!?!?!! I’m so happppyyyyy!


Seriously, I didn’t even take a pic of the washroom in the Diamond Room because it was so yucky. and walls and doors was chipping.


I’m not sure why the room is so yellow- but I think it’s just my camera.


Wayyyyy better and comfortable in this room.  It also felt more spacious.


Plus, the furniture seemed much newer and not as used as the other room.

Thank you Hilton !!!


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