Day 1 in Hawaii – departure…arrival to Hilton Hawaiian Village (Diamond Tower)


the flight over all was pretty good.  BUT it felt like forever because we were stuck fighting against the wind for an extra hour.  We were planning to take a taxi to the hotel because we had no idea how to get there, and bussing late at night might not be such a great idea since we were sooooo tired.   Lucky for us, a nice vietnamese man by the name of Tim from approached us and it only costed us $14 per person plus tips.  I saw lots of “speedi” shuttle, but not sure what ‘s the cost.  It was only a twenty minute ride to the Hilton so we were definitely relieved.


WE ARE HERE!  and there is no one? ??!!  LOL.  that’s because we got dropped off at the wing for tour busses and other shuttles not associated with Hilton.  OH.  if you go back with “Fly Shuttle” – it costs $11 (plus tips).


a very happy and tired looking couple !


the first ABC store we saw…followed by a total of 50 plus more that we saw in our following days. lol


live music every night by the bar!  Woo hoo!!  I have found a new love for hawaiian music.  ❤


OH….before I complain about our room.  I must warn everyone and anyone staying at Hilton.  You need to pay a mandatory of $30 per NIGHT which covers WIFI, and PS3 (who the heck plays PS3 when you are on vacay  in hawaii?!??!?!!)  and unlimited DVD movie rentals.  Super siao.  But it’s mandatory.  so be warned!  Apparently they write it super duper small …like font size 4 or something so you miss it.


this is a room in the diamond tower.  everything was clean but outdated.  Fine, I don’t mind, as long as clean.  BUT THEN….  I was really put off and couldn’t sleep the first night due to this weird ringing sound.  It’s like super high pitch.  I suspect it was because the room was beside the ice machine.  Definitely not the air con because I could hear another less annoying sound coming from it.



But yes – there is no way I ‘m staying here for 7 days because I will have a crazy migraine everyday.  So we decided, next morning – we need to change room.  To be continued….

PS.  I use I phone 5…and not sure why my internet was really flaky during the whole trip.  $30 a night for terrible internet.  My husband uses android and seemed okay.  weird….


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