The Fish Shack… YAY (I’m BaaccccKKK)/ Downtown Vancouver

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Yup… I am back… again. You can see my old post for other pics here :  The Fish Shack old post

My dad was craving for dollar oysters so we brought him here again.  What I love about fish shack the most is that they have dollar oysters starting at 11:30 – 6:00pm !?  Alot of places only offer a few hours in the afternoon, when most people are WORKING.  Everyday, they change their dollar oyster of choice.  Today was “Royal Miyagi”

Royal Miyagis are “grown off Vancouver Island and the northern Gulf Islands, this tray-grown oyster has a slightly ruffled white-and-purple shell. Its light, brittle shell makes it a bit trickier to shuck than harder-shelled oysters. It has a smooth, creamy texture. This mild, sweet oyster has a melon-like flavour, with a hint of cream, and a touch of astringency to the finish.”  – The Lobster Man (another favorite place of ours to go when we want to take oysters home and shuck them ourselves…located in Granville Island).

photo 1

photo 2

corn hash – I wasn’t a super big fan of this. Since I’m not a fan of corn bread LOL.  But it smells DELICIOUS and is seasoned very yummily.

photo 3

My salmon cake benny.  LOVED it.  It was very moist and the flavors of the hollondaise sauce and seasonings of the salmon cake paired well.  Potatoes were a tiny bit over cooked – but it’s all good.

photo 4

Their classic fish and chips lunch box!

photo 5

A new dish I discovered.  I had no idea under the list of oysters that they have, they also have a bunch of selected fish that comes with coleslaw and rice.  If you follow my blog, you must know how much I love my white rice.  I’m going to be ordering this EVERY TIME now.  Fish and Rice. My kind of meal.  You can also ask for your fish to be grilled or fried.  😉



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