Tartine Bread and Pies …YAY! (Downtown Vancouver)

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I love it when cafes/bakeries/restaurants care about their logo/brand.


Stumbled across this place when I was googling for the best apple pie in vancouver and I saw this name come up a few times.  I’ve been trying to find a good place for apple pie for my dad – so if you have any suggestions – please hollah!image_4image_1

Flavor of the day – strawberry balsamic.  I know – weird!  My mom was very hesitant but couldn’t stop eating it after. It has a kick of spice to it which I’m guessing is from the balsamic ?  And it wasn’t sour.  LOVED IT.  I love strawberries ❤  Oh and not to mention, the crust was slightly crunchy and totally matched the filling.  I really appreciated the added coarse sugar on top to add a extra crunch when biting into the pie.


Sour Cream Apple Pie.  I really like this and how the filling was slightly creamy.  My dad wasn’t so thrilled with it unfortunately.  I think he just likes the traditional one where it’s hot and with a scoop of ice cream on top.  I’m thinking I should try to make one …one of these days.  But yes, one thing I do agree is that apple pie should be served hot – and with cold ice cream!  Although this pie was good, it just didn’t feel 100% to me.  The crust was flaky and the extra crumble on top was a great detail to add to this pie 🙂



A cup of hot London Fog to go with my pies!






I just love starring at pastries when they are out on display.




Pies for sale – $18 each, and you can also pre-order your pies.  I don’t think they make every single flavor each day, that would be crazy.



Will be back here when the weather is better !   Because…..


My little Milo would love to walk around here.  Yummy pie and a nice cup of joe…and…a nice view of Granville Island ~

Got Instagram?  You can follow my sweet little dog Milo to see his adventures 🙂



look at his sweet little face ><


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