Sexy Girl Fragrance Hair Treatment Review

photo 3 photo 4

Decided to buy this the other day at T&T to test out as I have seen it in Taiwan!

This hair treatment contains 4 key elements to create a beautiful hair –

1. Pearl Protein
2. Silk Protein to provide moisture and repair the damaged hair
3. Royal Jelly
4. Honey

I can’t believe I never ever posted an actual individual post of my usual hair masque “Essentials Ultra Honey Shea Butter”  (will have to make a note to do one in the future).  Anyways – I say this because if I had to compare the two, I much rather go with “Essentials”.  Although Sexy Girl does have a killer smell that I cannot get enough of, I don’t find it as concentrated and strong as Essentials.

I was looking up reviews and alot of girls seemed to have said to leave on the treatment for 10-15 mins?  It worked for me more like a light conditioner.  But nowadays, I think most girls need something STRONG since we usually torch our hair quite often right?  😉

I’ll be finishing this bottle, but probably not going to buy it again.  Too weak for my hair!  (but seriously, maybe you should buy it just to smell it. Has a floral rose smell….mmmmm).

Oh.  I just noticed…it says “fragrance treatment”.  LOL  maybe…it’s only meant to make your hair smell nice and not focus so much on moisture?!  Weird!!



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