Smoking Dog Bistro (Kitsilano, Vancouver) … YAY.

Smoking Dog Bistro on Urbanspoon

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So I got a groupon for this dinner at Smoking Dog Bistro and decided to use it last weekend.  Appy, salad, main course, and dessert.  First of all, the floors were super slippery.  My shoes have grips under so I’m not sure why I almost slipped 3 times.  Yes, it was raining, but still.  Even my husband almost slipped walking to the table.  The waitress seemed OK.  Not super friendly…and she mentioned about the groupon two times.  PLUS – she did not even bother giving us a regular menu, and I noticed other tables got it, even the table next to us that also had a groupon too.  Anyways, lets cut to the chase –

the food.  It was good.  I paid $65.00 and it says I save 43%.  Portions were fair.  Flavors were good and everything seemed to go well, for example the poach pear and salad.  Excellent pairing!  The tomato soup was normal, Safeway is better (I’m serious!).  Prawn cocktail was normal, big prawns I must say.  I wasn’t impressed with the mushroom risotto because I felt the rice were almost undercooked.  😦  My husbands steak was normal.  Fries were normal.   And the dessert (pistachio) ice cream was GREAT!  Not sure I can say it was “special”, but ice cream is always yummy.   I don’t know if I would ever come here again, since I didn’t have the chance to peek at the original menu.  But definitely feel for a groupon, quite pricey!  So I can only imagine what the original price is.

Final verdict? I summed up “YAY” because it really isn’t that bad of a place based on the service other customers got (yes, I am very observant that the other waitress was very nice). If I were to come again, I would probably skip the dessert, prawns/soup.  Probably just a entree and a wine if I was tired of going to Cactus Club.  Food is standard and I’m sure maybe it would be better if I didn’t come with a Groupon?  (But isn’t that the point?  To draw people in again because your food is so damn good?)

Oh! And yes, maybe better service from the waitress too if I showed I wasn’t just coming in cause of Groupon.  Aiya,  I don’t know – mixed feelings due to groupon deal.  And the low ratings on Urbanspoon don’t really help this post.  So I guess you gotta go try it out and let me know what you think.  :p


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