Etude House Rosy Tint Lips Review


Ta Dah!  May I present ….Etude House’s Rosy Tint Lips !~


That’s the color I’m using today.


Ooo..  See how bold the color is?  (The right two color’s will be posted soon so please be patient – Etude House Lips-Talk)


So this is not an ordinary lipstick.  You can create a pretty cool gradient 3D effect like this above picture..  OR….just go straight to the chase like me and fill your lips with this.

image_4 image_5


Love the soft spongey applicator!


So many pretty bold colors.  But I think I’m more of a nude/natural girl.


Red is super in right now, but I just cannot look at myself with such a strong, bold, fierce, sexy color!  LOL.


Maybe cause I’m too pure and innocent lah.  😉 Cannot pull it off !


Will be posting about Etude House’s Sweet Recipe 0 Dear My Jelly Lips-talk soon!

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❤ Etude House!


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