S & B’s Spaghetti Sauce: Spicy Cod Roe (Mentaiko) Review

So remember a while ago I was writing about how much I love Mentaiko?! And how I started buying Mentaiko at the korean supermarket? Well…now you can skip the step of buying it fresh, and doing all the prep work for it if you don’t have enough time.  VOILA!  I PRESENT TO YOU….

photo 1

S & B’s delicious Spaghetti Sauce Packet!

photo 2

Soooo easy.  The right two packets are sauces for 2 servings.  And then the dark packet is just nori seaweed to sprinkle on the top and make it pretty.  😉  Boil your spaghetti and drain it!  Then mix the sauce in and voila!~

 photo 3

I really like it.  Of course fresh is better but this tastes pretty good too.  You can totally taste the Mentaiko and it is a tiny bit spicy which makes it have a extra kick.  My husband said i cooked way too much noodles, but he still finished the whole thing because it was THAT GOOD.  Hahaha!

I bought this in downtown’s Japanese store : Konbiniya on Robson Street

Truly love this place – it has so many real japanese products that cannot be found in asian supermarkets!  A must check out.  Mmm….they have soft ice cream too.  Mmmmmmm…..


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