Hanamori Sushi (Burquitlam)…YAY!

Hanamori Sushi on Urbanspoon

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Excellent service, and very fast.  Downside?  It’s quite small.  Actually VERY SMALL.  You’ll come out smelling smokey too because of the aburi and grilling that happens within such small proximity.  Oh! And just a note, there is parking right in front, if you just confirm with them which stalls.  I thought those were for hotel, but they actually said theres quite a few stalls right in front of their door that’s theirs.  All the ingredients were fairly priced and amazingly fresh.  I also like their spin on a couple of their aburi dishes and you can tell they really thought carefully about pairing ingredients together.  And of course from photos, nice display in food presentation as well 😉

Final verdict?  I shall be back.  And of course with clothes that I’m ready to just chuck in the laundry right away.


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