Chop Steakhouse Brunch – Richmond…YAY!

Chop Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

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So these pics are a recent visit during dine out period in Vancouver when a good friend of ours was visiting from Taiwan.  Some of us ordered the dine out menu, although quite heavy for “brunch” – PRIME RIB AND POTATOES? OMG.  And then some ordered from the breakfast menu.  The breakfast was standard and had quite a big portion of food which I was quite surprised.  I never was really impressed with CHOP’s dessert menu – but this time, I was raving about it.  It was some sort of sticky bread with a delicious strawberry ice cream where the flavors just entwined to perfection.  I can still taste it in my mouth just thinking about it.

Final verdict?  Definitely will be back.   I always loved their prime rib.  I swear one of the best ones in Vancouver.  And definitely need to have my raspberry sorbet lemonade there.  Forgot the name, but you can see from my lovely pic and show the waiter.  IT’S THE PERFECT GIRLY DRINK.


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