AHC Vital C Complex Mask Review

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Another “complex” mask….JUST KIDDING !  As the weather begins to warm up, I don’t have to worry as much about locking moisture into my skin.  What I really need is to clear up my complexion which seems to be changing as I’m getting closer to heading into the 30’s.  😦  Most asian women begin to get more freckles, moles, or pigmented areas on their face.  And as I was inspecting the other day, I could see more freckles appearing! AAHHHHHHH AHHHHHH…. but there is hope…!!!!

photo 2

    • Brightening Effect:  Containing rich vitamin C from lemon extracts (50%) which lightens the dark pigments in the skin cells while preventing the dark pigments from forming at the same time.
    • Fresh Complexion:  The ingredients also improves skin metabolismand helps recovering a natural clean and clear skin tone.
    • Cooling Effect:  It provides skin with the moisture and nourishment.  Feel that healthy, renewed sensation as the cooling effect works into skin to bring back a healthy glow.
  • photo 1

Just like the Phyto Complex Mask – this mask had a slight brownish hue to match the package!

photo 2

30 minutes…. (PS. Don’t forget, before putting this on…you MUST WAIT TIL THE THERMOMETER STICKER TURNS GREEN!!  I ALMOST FORGOT!)

photo 1

After removing the mask and letting it dry…the craziest thing happened.  (and yes – i have no picture, because it wasn’t catching on the camera damnit)  …  MY FACE LOOKED CHALKY.  Okay, not chalky pale ghost sick white.  BUT!!!!  There was a thin layer of chalk or something on my face.  It was really weird.  I didn’t want to touch it in case so I left my skin as is as I slept.  I also noticed my skin was not hydrated like the other ones.  Not to say, it was dry – but the focus on this mask is totally just on brightening and whitening it.

I just want to point out that this is very important when you are using a certain brand for mask. If Brand ABCD has 10 different masks for 10 specific functions, you need to be able to see a difference.  But how many times have you used Brand ABCD, and every mask seems the same?!

Final conclusion, I can tell my skin has lightened by a hair, and I’m sure if I continue to use this, I will probably start to see a difference.  I am not a crazy “whitening” person for my skin so I’ll only recommend it to those who are.

Which mask suits you?

AHC’s Phyto Complex Mask – for those looking for anti-aging: fighting wrinkles, and wanting firmer skin

AHC’s Hydra Soother Mask – for those looking for PURE HYDRATION.  This is my favorite mask out of all of them.  A real must for everyone!

AHC’s Vital C Complex Mask – for those looking for brightening, and whitening their skin

You can find all these awesome masks at http://www.thebeautymaskshop.ca

PS.  Sorry non – Canadians… I’m not sure where you can find AHC 😦  It is a tricky brand to find so lucky for us!! :p


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