Body Bar Laser Clinic – My first treatment!

2957 Glen Dr #111, Coquitlam, BC V3B 2P7
(604) 475-5858

So…unfortunately I’m not going to share any before and after pics as my journey continues with laser hair treatment BUT….I will write about it!  I’m sure no one wants to see my armpits and hairy legs anyways.  On my first treatment, the technician asked me to shave my armpits and legs then she began to draw squares to give her some guiders on which part she has and hasn’t lasered.

How does it feel?
Well, it’s actually not THAT Painful.  The machine they used on me spits on cold air at the same time that the laser shoots out.  When the technician was lasering my legs I didn’t feel anything.  It was actually kinda soothing!  (I’m weird!)  BUTTTTT…..when it got to my armpits.  OOO LA LA!  It was definitely quite a pincher.  Each time the laser went down, I felt a pinch and burning smell.

How long did it take?
SO FAST – Lower legs were maybe 15 mins?  Armpits were like around 7 minutes?!

After the laser was done, the lady put something called Hydrogel that calmed my skin immediately.  After care is just as important so I bought the gelfor…. $50 + ?  Hmmm.. a bit pricey but I guess nothing I can do!  She said it will be useful if I get sunburn or have itchy skin.


Everyone has a different experience but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing less hair growth..and hopefully eventually almost NO hair growth.  I did notice that the new hair growth seems to pluck easily with no pain!  Good sign.  🙂  The next treatment for underarms are usually every 4-5 weeks, and then legs are every 6-7 weeks.  So….

To be continued !



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