Le Parisien (Downtown Vancouver) ….YAY!

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Totally loved this cute bistro place.  It’s simple, modern, and classic at the same time.  The waiters were super friendly, and just always kept checking on everyone if the food was good.  And it wasn’t just one waiter, it was like 3 different waiters that kept coming to check.  All men waiters tonight, and always smiling!  I noticed that they all seemed to speak french – really cool as this place serves French cuisine.

Food was tasty.  I think presentation could be slightly better, but it was okay – everything was just right.  Oh wait… I kinda felt the squash soup was on the salty side – but it was okay with bread.  Something I can’t stand is having bread with stick butter.  Why can’t restaurants always serve creamy butter?  It makes more sense to serve with bread.  Especially when the bread is so fresh!

Oooo….  i was amazed at the fries.  They taste like japanese potato fries.  Very interesting texture.  It’s like crunchy …..like a chip texture?!  I don’t know how to say it!!  But very yummy.  The duck had a stronger flavour versus Bacchus.  Both places are great but I think Le Parisien wins.  The creme brûlée was standard and cooked properly.  I really like the red wine poached pear minus the lady fingers.  Quite refreshing when served cold.

Final verdict?  Will be back for more yummy french food!~

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