A.H.C.’s Phyto Complex Mask Review

photo 2

If you recall, last week I reviewed the AHC’s Hydra Soother Mask – and now I’m going to show you….

photo 3

A.H.C.’s Phyto Complex Mask !!!

photo 4

Complex?  Oh no….

photo 5

(Haha – my t-shirt.  I am a proud Canadian)

AHC’s Phyto Complex Mask features….

  • Wrinkle Fighting Technology:  Containing skin-friendly soluble collagen (50%), fermented soy extract, and organic soy extract which work to prevent deformation and destruction of the elastic cells in the skin.  This mask prevents/delays the pace of aging of the skin by improving skin elasticity and at the same time forms a strong protective film to retain skin flexibility and vitality.
  • Provides Comprehensive Nourishment to the Skin.
  • Cooling Effect:  It provides skin with the moisture and nourishment.  Feel that healthy, renewed sensation as the cooling effect works into skin to bring back a healthy glow.

photo 1

So once again – put your mask in the fridge and make sure the thermometer turns green before opening your packet of goodness.  😉

I have read from other bloggers such as Cheeserland and Michelle Phan who also believe it’s never too early to start on anti aging products.

photo 1

Ooo…it even has a greenish hue to match the packaging!

photo 2

This mask is really perfect for me as I’m heading into my 30’s – I really need to take care of my skin and DELAY any signs of wrinkles and lines as much as possible.  LOL.  After removing the mask, I did the usual and went to bed to let everything just soak right in.  In the morning, I washed my face with warm water and noticed this mask is totally not like the AHC Hydra Soother Mask!!  Unlike other mask lines, AHC really targets individual needs for your skin.  With the AHC Hydra Soother Mask I noticed my skin was very soft and hydrated.  With this Phyto Complex Mask,  my skin was more….. how do you say it?  It wasn’t like STIFF ….but it felt more…. FIRM.  That’s the word.  Perfect for women who are experiencing sagging in their skin.  I’m predicting if you use this mask  enough, you can avoid ever having to experience a face lift 😉

So… yes… obviously …my skin is not sagging yet.  (touch on wood)….  BUT…I must point out that I have chubby cheeks. So chubby that gravity takes it toll and yes…they do “sag”.   Just after one use of this mask, I can feel my cheeks are almost like holding up?  If that makes sense.  SO HARD TO EXPLAIN this!  So easiest way?   Buy yourself a mask and try this out !  Again… I only know of The Beauty Mask Shop selling this in Canada!

This mask is $15 each – as I have stressed many times – it’s more than the average priced mask because of the concentrated ingredients in all of AHC’s product!  You cannot compare these masks with the ones you find in drugstore.  Did you know even Korean surgical clinics use this line?!?!


PS.  Excited to hear they have new products and have started selling Envie de Neuf !~


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