Mr. Hair Product Reviews

May I present to you this super cute hair product line…

MR. HAIR !!!  

photo 4

photo 1

This shampoo is pretty good!  You know how sometimes you wash your hair…and it feels so clean because your scalp feels DRY?!  It’s actually not suppose to be that way.  Even after washing with shampoo, your scalp should just feel clean, and not stripped away of all oil, and moisture!

It does take a while to make enough foam and bubbles to form before washing out the shampoo…that’s the only down side.  But my hair feels really clean and comfy after !~

photo 2


This conditioner is TERRIBLE.  It didn’t do anything for my hair.  I couldn’t even tell it was a conditioner.  So I never used it again.

photo 3

VOILA – So… I hear there are lots of scalp treatments in Asia and i’m starting to see it being offered at Japanese Salons in Vancouver.  Having a healthy and clean scalp promotes better hair growth and stronger hair!  After using the shampoo, I used this scalp treatment and let is soak for 5-7 mins, then I washed it out.  I LOVED THE FEELING after drying my hair and could feel a huge difference.  My scalp felt….LIGHT?!  At first…I thought maybe this scalp cleaner has alcohol in it….but NOPE.  My scalp was not at all dry or flaky.  Okay…but yes…there is a DOWNSIDE.  It has a slight smell of vinegar.  It’s very faint…..but… still…  I most likely will have to find myself a new scalp cleaner.  Hahaha!

Final verdict?  Probably will not be purchasing this ever.  The shampoo is nice, but I prefer to wash my hair with something that smells nice.  I kinda found there was no smell in this shampoo.  And it really takes too long to build foam.  And yes – i already said the conditioner was terrible.  And the scalp cleaner was great – but vinegar smell is just unpleasant.  😉


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